Feedforward in Learning, Neuroplasticity in Body-Mind Healing


Body-Mind Concepts to Train the Brain: Feedforward Principles

Feedforward[1] in psychology or cognitive science is a way of learning new behaviors by projecting. It means that when we anticipate a goal–see it, visualize it, plan it–it facilitates movement or behavior towards that goal. It makes it easier to get where we want to go. It has been used in sports, for an autistic child to learn to prevent tantrums, as well as to retrain movement after stroke or spinal cord injury.… Read the rest

Brain Injury Recovery, Pt.1

11477707_sI am mostly an authority on my own brain injury and recovery, although I have been in many brain injury support groups, and have treated people with TBI and PTSD as part of my massage therapy practice. I have been discovering how to recover for 43 years, on my own, because there were no brain injury rehab units in 1970. And doctors did not believe the adult brain could heal from the massive damage I sustained.

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Volunteer with Returning Veterans Project

I attended orientation to volunteer with the Returning Veterans Project, Nov. 16, 2011. I have been grateful for every client I have seen since. RVP is a non-profit that provides free counseling and other alternative and complementary health services for vets returning from the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and their families. They provide returning veterans with needed and much appreciated community-based services that allow vets to reintegrate into civilian life and heal.… Read the rest