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yay-5623506yay-12853660Dis-ease of posture can come from long hours at the computer or desk, standing on cement floors, heavy lifting, bracing to protect old injuries or unconscious habits. They can come when you override signals from your body to change position, relieve pain, or find ease. They can come from old beliefs about yourself, and reactions from childhood.

Ease out of painfind ease of shoulder pain

canstockphoto6592338We have body metaphors that we manifest quite literally: chip on the shoulder; pain in the neck; stabbed in the back; don’t have a leg to stand on; bending backwards to please. Where do you hurt and what is it telling you? What body metaphors do you use or manifest? How can you move into ease?

assess back for tight musclesTake a breath of easeseeking comfort, ease, deep relaxation

Caved chests, restrictions in breathing and chronic tension patterns and pain can often be relieved by reclaiming voluntary control of muscles which you have forgotten. Sensory Motor Amnesia can be reversed by simple exercises that allow you to play with how you created the shape of your body until you learn to reassemble it anew. When you release the shape that held old beliefs, you will be surprised to discover that they will also release. Faster than affirmations!

23512891_sEmotions and Touch

I address beliefs and emotions through simple touch, and through awakening your body awareness. Some of what I do is based on the work of Thomas Hanna1, Marion Rosen2, Dr. John Ray, and what Stanley Keleman 3 calls Voluntary Muscular and Cortical Effort.

23512894_s23512886_sHow can I help?

For more about what Integration Massage can offer to ease rounded shoulders, and relief of neck, shoulder, and back pain, please see Ortho-Bionomy® or the post: Improve Posture or the Posture Power Workshop.

You may schedule an Ortho-Bionomy® session at your convenience, or call for questions: 503-708-2911.

  1. Thomas Hanna’s Somatics
  2. Marion Rosen, Rosen Method
  3. Keleman’s Emotional Anatomy
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