Advocate, Caregiver, Friend, Daughter to Aging Parent

Oregon leads the nation in alternatives to nursing homes for an aging parent. If you live in the Portland area, you have a lot of choices. Four options are listed below, and additional blog posts will discuss other facilities and Rosi’s experiences with her Mom. Links are provided to additional information from the State of Oregon(in blue), and private agencies (in green).… Read the rest

Preventing Falls in Aging

A fall is a risk factor for frail elderly, old-old, or people who do not combine exercise with joint mobility, balance training and proprioceptive stimulation. For frail elders, it is often the trigger for a steep decline, since pain impedes movement, decreases circulation and appetite. A fall that is accompanied by hip fracture or compression fractures of the spine can be the beginning of the end for the 75% of older adults who do not recover completely.… Read the rest