Body-Mind, in Sports & Healing

Do you want to take charge of your health?

woman celebrating in joyWould you like to get back into sports, but are worried about old injuries? Do you want to overcome your stresses, but feel stiff and achy? Or perhaps you have been on a body-mind roller coaster? Good news: to get moving again doesn’t have to hurt.

There’s a few strategies to follow.… Read the rest

Poster Story of Ankle Case Report

Mystery knee pain and ankle wobble

This poster came about because a client hadn’t been able to do her favorite sports for years. She first wanted me to solve a problem with her knee pain. I did that. Then she mentioned a perception of instability, that made skiing, snowboarding, and inline skating feel unsafe. However, it turned out that her ankle, not her knee, was the culprit.… Read the rest

Knee Pain Relief at Integration Massage

yay-7045438 knee pain treatmentKnee pain can happen for a variety of reasons. Integration Massage will do a thorough assessment, and careful treatment, with the goal to get you moving again. I only use techniques within my scope of practice, however. And some knee issues will need to be treated by other professionals.

For example, knee pain can be from recent or old injuries, sports, arthritis or even surgery.… Read the rest