Awaken the Body Sense, Overcome Myths of Aging

Myths of Aging WorkshopTeaching skeleton

Myths of aging such as belief in inevitable stiffness, inevitable loss of bodily functions, or inevitable cognitive decline activate a feed forward system. Our bodies manifest what we fear the most. We can instead recognize how aging brings wisdom and grace, and awaken postural ease. We can become more resilient.

When we live in a state of chronic stress, we hold chronic contractions. We rewire ourselves, so the sensory input to our brain from our muscles goes to habitual pathways outside of our conscious control. The rounded shoulders, jutting head, and chronic neck and shoulder pain is what Thomas Hanna calls a withdrawal response (see Thomas Hanna’s Somatics). To regain voluntary control of our muscles, and reassert the power and dignity of upright posture requires waking up to that which we have forgotten.


Kinesthesia is the awareness of sensation of movement in muscles and joints. It coordinates with the vestibular system, so you know if you are balanced and able to move freely, or tense and stiff. A kinesthetic awareness brings more fluidity of movement. The muscles begin to soften and lengthen.

Body MappingConable's Move Well Avoid Injury DVD

Body Mapping teaches you the location of your bones and joints and their relation to other body parts. An incorrect body map will create distortions in our shape and movements. (Posture and Body Mapping) A correct body map will allow conscious choice to move out of stress.

Overcome Sensory Motor Amnesia with Selective Voluntary Movements

The sensory motor system is a feedback loop. If you have amnesia of areas where you have ignored chronic pain, you cannot sense it and then you cannot move it. And the more you can move it, the more you will sense it. When you regain voluntary control over muscles that have been forgotten, you regain a sense of empowerment– you take charge of your body again. The myths of aging start to dissolve as you regain the power that comes from moving with ease.


The class consists of a series of interactive exercises

  • live examples of the myths of aging in our lives;
  • moving with kinesthetic awareness;
  • body mapping of the head, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands, pelvis, hips, knees, ankles, feet;
  • finding areas of your body where you have sensory motor amnesia
  • regaining sensation, movement, and awareness of how to consciously create your lives and health.

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This workshop material was learned from a master teacher I studied with from 2005-2009, who prefers to remain anonymous, as well as the work of Barbara Conable and Thomas Hanna.