Benefits of Elder Massage, Even Remotely!

9318214_sElder Massage–benefits where you live

If you are retired, you don’t need to feel tired–you may just need some healing sessions, that I used to call elder massage! Perhaps you assumed that pain, loss of mobility or various chronic ailments are natural? They are not. They are often the result of putting everything and everyone else first, and not attending to your body’s needs.

It is not selfish, but healthy to sit, stand, and walk more easily. As we age, our bodies may reflect that we have cared for others instead of ourselves. Perhaps we developed habits of tolerating pain, or lack of awareness? Instead of letting it all go south, we need to retrain those muscles, and even our minds. Our challenge now is “wake up” areas of numbness or disuse. This helps us come back into our bodies, so we can heal faster from illness and injury. Besides, it might even reduce the need for pain medications!1

Elder massage, mindfulness and movement can restore your joy in life

9036441_sHave you tried any of these?

  • Either the gentle joint movement of Somatics?
  • Or, the increased sensation and calmness of Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy, MABT?
  • Perhaps the pain relief, increased comfort and neurological benefits of Ortho-Bionomy®?

    But maybe you were raised in the generation that was supposed to keep a stiff upper lip and put up with discomforts? Well, the world has changed, and so has your body! Your body feels much better when you can allow comfort, calm and ease.

Ortho-Bionomy® is one bodywork style I do. It even works remotely! Ortho-Bionomy®, is very gentle, relaxing and never creates more pain. It can help you better inhabit your body, where you really live. (more on Ortho-Bionomy® here and here.)

Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy, MABT is easy to learn. It teaches mindful awareness of both sensation and emotion, to overcome pain, trauma, stress or discomfort. You are able to master your emotions, and use body awareness to increase a sense of empowerment, soften areas of tension, breathe in relief. I offer it as an eight week series of sessions. That way, you gradually build the skills for inner peace that come from embodied presence.

9035857_sResearch benefits for elder massage

Research studies2,3 show some good news about how elder massage helps to:

  • lower blood pressure
  • relieve joint pain
  • reduce the need for pain medications
  • recover from surgery or minor injuries
  • enhance immunity
  • promote relaxation
  • improve sleep
  • improve circulation
  • reduce stress, fear and anxiety
  • improve mood

You might be surprised to see the emotional benefits on this list, such as reducing fear and anxiety. Actually, many of the benefits of massage and bodywork come from how they affect the nervous system and brain! Despite the fact that I cannot do in-person sessions, I have researched how to teach or deliver the benefits remotely. As a result, my newly developed remote healing skills restore a sense of calm and inner peace, and support your motivation to take charge of your life. This is especially important when you have health conditions that may be discouraging at times.

shoulder Ortho-Biononomt sidelyingMore than just massage with Integration Massage

When massage, sensory awareness and movement are combined, they amplify the benefit. With increased joint range of motion, and decreased pain, you maintain flexibility. You release spasms and cramping. You learn proper movement dynamics from Body Mapping4 with Somatics™5. It helps with arthritis, stiffness, postural pain, neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s, and self-esteem.

No need to disrobe30647225_s

Many seniors are concerned with modesty, or have trouble lying flat on a table. For increased comfort, Ortho-Bionomy® is done fully clothed. You can have your head or knees elevated, or you may even sit in a chair. Even better, with working remotely, you can make yourself comfortable in your own home environment. I can ease an achy back, or tight shoulders, and release tension in the feet you didn’t know were there–and will only work where you want.

Foot, hand and back massage are some of my most requested techniques in elder facilities. Although I cannot deliver gentle touch in person now, I can deliver excellent services that addresses foot, hand, back, shoulder and neck pain. Just ask!

About Rosi

I have had the great joy to work with elders since 1988. I cared for my own mother from 2001 until her passing in Dec. 2015. Even now, a soft spot remains in my heart for all elders. So, to adapt to the pandemic conditions, I have studied medical intuition, remote healing practices, exercises for embodiment, and using the heart as an instrument to connect in the way I used to use my hands.

One elder told me, “I’m glad your mother trained you to communicate this way,” (heart to heart, mind to mind, while touching her hand). “I prefer to talk this way rather than out loud!”

Probably most massage therapists learn to listen deeply to what the body needs. Personal touch with elders during pandemic conditions is difficult. The nonverbal power of gentle touch contributes greatly to well-being and health. However, during these times we need to find alternatives that are safer. I offer personalized online services to meet those needs.

I used to travel to you, now do remote sessions only.

When you couldn’t travel to my office, I came to your home or facility. Currently, 2020, or as long as needed, that has changed. All my work now, including with seniors is done remotely. In-person sessions are not safe for my clients during the pandemic. However, I miss not giving hands-on care. Instead, I do my best to make up for these no-touch circumstances, by tuning in deeply to what you or your loved one needs. And I offer training in movement and self-care exercises, called MABT.

You may schedule an appointment for seniors and people with disabilites here:
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Surprisingly, you can get back the enjoyments of life. Even if your greatest ambition isn’t harvesting carrots! Call to compare my discounted senior rates, 503-708-2911.

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