Body Metaphors to a Massage Therapist

I listen to your body metaphors as you tell me the issues you want me to address before a session: what do they say about your tension patterns? Where do I see you restrict movement as you speak? Where do you need bodywork?

DSC02263DSC02276Stiff upper lip—If you are hiding your feelings in a situation you don’t like, I work on rigid facial muscles. Also when you grin and bear it or grit your teeth, I can see you are having to put up with something unpleasant. I work on softening tension around the jaw, neck and shoulders, and make sure this session is one where you are encouraged to express your needs and get them met. You may leave with happiness written all over your face!

Body Metaphors Running Neck and Neck

With chronic or persistent neck pain, I may ask, “Who or what is a pain in the neck in your lifPain in the neck body metaphore right now?” I can tell when yay-6933416you figure it out, by how the tension leaves. I may see your head jutting forward if you are always sticking your neck out or taking risks to get ahead. Of course, that could happen from computer use, too! Stiff-necked might be the consequence of the need to be right: perhaps the tension could be left behind as we work to release pain, lengthen your neck muscles on both sides, allow your shoulders to float freely on your ribcage, and restore balance.

Perhaps your friends would then accuse you of being more level-headed?yay-7055578pleasant smile neck bodywork

Can You Shoulder This?

canstockphoto19653175A shoulder may be raised higher on one side, if you have a chip on your shoulder. Do you have resentments, or feelings of superiority you can release from your body? Or are you shouldering burdens for yourself or others? I could teach you to let them go with each breath, so you don’t need to store them in your body. On the other hand, if you claim to be a person with your head on your shoulders, I ask, “Then, where is your neck? Let’s find it!” Body metaphors can work in your favor, when an Ortho-Bionomy® session teaches you to turn it around and find comfort in easy movement. Unless you want to elbow your way through.

Body Metaphors to Back You Up

Are you barely holding yourself together or always yay-3461079backing down in an argument? You might have back pain, rounded or contracted shoulders, or a tilt to the pelvis. Perhaps it is time to end that back talk and stand up for yourself and find a body metaphor you can live with.


When you tell me you are bending over backwards to please someone, I might work to release low and mid back muscles, quads and hamstrings, psoas muscles, and teach Body Mapping of the spine. How’s that as a step in the right direction to a new you?


(For more awareness of the power of your words and thoughts to create your experience, I recommend Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life.)

Body Metaphors leave you cold?

canstockphoto6592415canstockphoto7432287If you can’t stomach it, would gentle abdominal massage help? If you feel this doesn’t leave you a leg to stand on, then put your best foot forward, and see if you can find your own body metaphors– write to me on the contact form or leave a comment below.

Or call for an appointment, to put that spring back in your step!yay-7109440reflexology