Emotional Tone Scale, to Your True Self

canstockphoto16549606Dr. John Whitman Ray, N.D., developed the Emotional Tone Scale as part of Body Electronics. Dr. Ray’s teachings encompassed the physical and electrical systems of the body, and their relationship to emotions, thoughts and word patterns, and our spiritual evolution. His teachings spread to Portland around 1982. This was largely due to Thomas Chavez, one of his earliest students, and later the author of Body Electronics.

Physical Point Holding and Live Nutrition

Chavez organized group point holding sessions, and we rotated being on the table. These sessions were in the form of cooperative healing, where both the holdees and holders cultivated the attitude of being present for and accepting of what is. Sometimes, that might be burning pain or dulling numbness for both parties. Regardless, we used the Emotional Tone Scale to lovingly and willingly experience any event or emotion we were resisting. We all gained skill in peer coaching and facilitated dialogue, while conscious breathing enhanced our focus. These skills supported us to get unstuck and release the emotional and mental cause of pain, injury and illness.

However, there was much more. We also listened to Dr. Ray’s tapes, and discussed them. We ate a raw foods diet, and took liquid minerals and enzymes to increase the electrical communication of our cells. Through this combination of enhanced nutrition, study and mutual support, we were able to recognize how we created our own suffering. We could then choose differently, to free ourselves of old patterns locked in the body.

Verbal Point Holding

I moved to Grants Pass in 1988, and continued what I believed Thomas called Verbal Point Holding. yay-9909906When I returned to Portland in 2002, I found I had developed something new: Verbal Point Holding as a one-on-one extension of the power of the collective sessions. The basic principles are the same: love and accept the pain, recognize the relationship between physical, emotional and mental pain,1 and be willing to heal all levels as a step on the path of our human evolution.2

Emotional Tone Scale: Love as Rainbow

Just as light is broken up into the rainbow of colors by a prism, Dr. Ray saw that love is broken up into the rainbow of emotions. He associated the rainbow of emotions with certain word patterns and the chakra system. In my experience, the simplest way for me to teach this is by certain principles:

  • yay-2808173What we resist, persists. This is how we suppress emotions and decrease our capacity to move through life. Our resistance may be reflected in immune system challenges, or muscle rigidity, guarding from suppressed pain, emotional anguish, numbness or unfeeling states.
  • We can move up the Emotional Tone Scale when we choose to experience “what is”, or what happens, lovingly and willingly, make room for it in our bodies, and feel it fully in the “now”, while letting go of the story.
  • Breath is a vehicle for opening us to movement and releasing stuck places.3
  • We are completely responsible for what we have created and who we are.4
  • The now, the present is all we have.5

Emotional Tone Scale w Rosi footer3Emotional Tone Scale

At the top of the Emotional Tone Scale is Enthusiasm (Greek for “God in you”). When we suppress what is, we move out of Enthusiasm, to Pain, to Anger, to Fear, and further down the scale to not feeling.

However, it is of no use to wish to be where we are not–that automatically suppresses what is. Where ever we are at, when we experience that with love, or gratitude, total acceptance, joy or deep peace, it will change, and we will move up the emotional tone scale.

Verbal Point Holding, Facilitated Healing, Coaching

In a verbal point holding session I begin by listening carefully to what is important to you. I then encourage you on the table to breathe into what you are feeling on that issue. Whether you have painful or traumatic memories, grief, fear, anger or unforgiveness, the verbal point holding supports you to move through them. As you associate the emotions and memories with bodily sensations, you are also able to reclaim your body, and your power to change it. However, it may take several sessions to move through all stages of healing.

DSC02255The stages of healing go up to Enthusiasm, at the top of the Emotional Tone Scale. Since you may be feeling a mixture of emotions at any time, related to various situations, you may have other issues to work on. All of these can be found in the body and released from the body-mind. All of these can move up to Enthusiasm. As you peel off more layers of who you are not, you have the opportunity to recognize more of who you are, and embrace more of your true self.

And you can take it home:

yay-540952If you want to experience this for yourself, ask for Verbal Point Holding as part of any Ortho-Bionomy® Body-Mind session. I will teach you the principles, so you can continue to move up the Emotional Tone Scale at home.

1 Emotions and the Body, Mind-Body Research, Neuroscience of Empathy may all be relevant.
 2 Louise Hay, Heal Your Body.
I have written posts on breath work for healing, here, and here. Also, Anger and Forgiveness.

4 This echoes the teachings of Louise Hay, You Can Heal Your Life, Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness, Rick Hansen, Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom.
5 Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now “We become connected to the indestructible essence of our Being, “The eternal, ever present One Life beyond the myriad forms of life that are subject to birth and death.”