Pain Relief and Injury Recovery

10930103_spain relief at last!Are you looking for pain relief?

Both physical and mind-body techniques can bring pain relief. I listen to you for how the pain started, research your condition, and work in cooperation with your body. I will find what you have already done, ask you to move so I can see what makes it worse and better, then work with how your body spells “pain relief”. I often give you exercises to take home. For chronic low back pain of unknown origin, some research has shown that massage provides more pain relief than other approaches. 6 to 10 weekly sessions provide the best benefits for low back pain,1, 2 and better results than pain medications.3

Pain Relief with Ortho-Bionomy®Rabia OB to Rosi knee,psoas

I also use Ortho-Bionomy® for pain relief. It is especially beneficial when you have chronic tension, or when your body has developed a guarding pattern against an old injury, or a recent accident, or unconscious posture habits. If you find that you reflexively flinch, or have pain that has been bothering you for a while, or muscle spasms, it may be that was your body’s way of splinting an injury so it would heal. Sometimes, when the old injury is past, it just forgets to let go.

Pain relief in the direction of ease yay-7792450Pain Relief–direction of ease, not more pressure!

Ortho-Bionomy® always looks for a direction of ease, to find pain relief in cooperation with the intelligence of your body. I will position your body around a tender point until we find the “aha!” direction and angle. I will then hold it, sometimes with compression or traction, until your body sends the signal to your brain “this is comfortable,” and your brain sends the signal back, “it is now safe to release” out of the tension pattern. This reflexive response provides pain relief for recent or old injuries without the need for deep tissue massage. Many clients find Ortho-Bionomy® provides similar benefits to massage for low back pain relief, with fewer sessions.

yay-7045460If you have had an old foot or knee injury, I will often work on that first. If you have been favoring one side in years of walking, you may have created imbalances of muscle use in your legs, hips, pelvis, low back, and even up to your neck. These compensation patterns may require multiple sessions. I may also work with you on gait, balance and posture to increase your awareness of how you move and use your body to prevent re-injury.

Inhibition of pain is a normal part of brain function that sometimes gets shut off. When that happens, it’s as if the volume control for pain is stuck on high. It may be part of what doctors now call central sensitization, where there is severe pain, but no obvious lesion on scans. I will use a functional neurology approach to pain–a combination of Ortho-Bionomy®, massage, resisted movement, isometric exercises, and myofascial release to the opposite side! These exercises help stimulate the brain so that it can resume correct inhibition of pain signals on the affected side. Dermatomes_and_cutaneous_nerves_-_posterior

I do not pretend to have all the answers to every body’s pain relief. however, I am happy to be part of a team approach that includes your own self-care and other practitioners you are comfortable with.

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