Integration Approaches

What Are the Integration Approaches in Integration Massage?

Integration means the integration of all levels in your healing process: body, mind, emotions and spirit. In Integration Massage, the body is the vehicle for increased self-awareness and groundedness. While we relieve pain, stiffness and postural distortions through manual therapy, we also help you integrate your experience of your body with your emotions and thoughts to overcome chronic patterns of dis-ease, and improve the sense of relaxed peace that allows you to cope better with the stresses of life.

Body-Mind exercises could be mindfulness and attention to feelings; Emotional Tone Scale, Ortho-Bionomy®, Acupressure, Body Mapping; or recognizing how you hold beliefs expressed by body metaphors such as “keep my chin up”, “head on my shoulders”, “backing down”, “listen to a gut feeling”, “knee-jerk reaction”, “standing my ground”, or “speak from the heart.” These exercises give you inner resources to wake up from a form of Sensory Motor Amnesia (Thomas Hanna’s and Stanley Keleman’s pioneering works) where you may have forgotten you can regain voluntary control over unconscious thoughts, tension patterns and movements. This empowerment is what we refer to as Integration Massage.