Nutty Ice Cream


  • 2 cups pureed fruits. Include some creamy fruits like mango or peaches for best texture. Berries will make it more grainy.
  • 1 cup soaked hazelnuts, or unsoaked macadamia nuts. Macadamia will make it more creamy. Some people use cashews, which do not require soaking, and make it very creamy. Soaked walnuts also work. Soaked almonds will make it very grainy.
  • 3/8 cup agave nectar (or coconut nectar or soaked dates, barely covered in water, pureed with soaking water)
  • 3/8 cup water


Put fruit in vitamix and whiz until pureed. Add enough fruit to meet the 2 cup line after bubbles release. Add the soaked hazelnuts or other nuts. Add agave. Add half the water. Turn the Vitamix to high speed until creamy, adding the rest of the water as needed to keep the Vitamix from burning up. Pour into appropriate containers and freeze, about 12 hours, depending on how shallow or deep your container is. Score the surface into bite size portions partway into the freezing–maybe 3 hours–depends on the depth of your freezing container.

To Serve

If you score the ice cream before it is entirely frozen, it is easier to manage. Otherwise, it will be so hard, you will need a fork to break the ice cream into chunks to serve. As inelegant as it is, a fork is so much better than a spoon that can’t dig into the frozen masterpiece without bending, or a knife tip that breaks off. 🙂

Alternative #1, Sesame

Use 1 1/2 cups sprouted sesame seeds and 8 large dates instead of the nuts and agave. Add the sesame and dates to the water and blend at high speed before adding fruit. May need to add some extra water so the sesame breaks down easily.

Alternative #2, Coconut

After making the basic recipe, add coconut flakes or shreds that have been pulverized in a dry blade VitaMix container.

Alternative #3, Coconut Vanilla

Instead of the fruit and agave, use 1 cup coconut flakes and 12 dates with some extra water. Add a whole vanilla bean or 1 Tbsp. vanilla extract.

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