Referrals from a Massage Therapist

I have given referrals to a variety of other practitioners and serviceyay-7007664 providers: chiropractors, acupuncturists, other massage therapists, mental health practitioners, medical doctors, naturopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians, artists, writers, activities developer, elder care facilities, photographers, nutritional coach, business coach, caregivers, pet sitters, web designer and web developer. Often I hear where people have really benefited. Sometimes a client doesn’t follow through and I realize it might be partly from my role in their lives as a massage therapist.yay-539425

Take an example of someone in an emotional crisis. I may refer you to a mental health therapist or give you a choice of several. What is my responsibility if you don’t follow up? As a massage therapist, I can just recommend or suggest. I cannot prescribe. Not nutritional supplements or exercise or even seeing another practitioner.

yay-9886236 You may be coming to me because you want to increase your body awareness, or your ability to breathe deeply, or find more comfort in posture at work. Or just for relaxation and stress or pain relief. That’s OK. By itself, stress and pain relief can improve your coping skills with whatever life sends your way.

The practices I use–Ortho-Bionomy®, functional neurology massage, breathwork, body mind integration, mindful awareness of tension and movement–help with pain relief, improved work and sports performance, reduced stress. I don’t do deep tissue massage and am not a doctor. I cannot diagnose. If you ask what caused a certain condition, I may ask you to look within for the answers. Or I may listen to your body, with ears, hands and heart. When I recognize that your needs can be best served by someone with a different skill set, or what you need is outside my scope of practice, I will give referrals to another provider.

I am confident that you will discover and manifest what is best for you. You may follow up on referrals if it is a perfect fit. I don’t need to be an authority on what is good for you. I only need to honor your inherent authority, and ability to heal yourself. I trust that.