Senior Sovereignty™, embodied wisdom

9318214_s“Senior Moments”, or a new lease on life?

Did you resign yourself to inevitable decline, “I’m having these senior moments?”

Do you find yourself saying, “it’s getting hard to pick up my grandchildren”, “I have this pain that won’t go away,” “I can’t reach up”, or “I feel stuck”?

Are you only in your 40’s or 50’s and already have mobility issues, digestive problems, or your spouse is complaining you aren’t remembering things the way you used to?

It doesn’t have to be this way. Getting older does not mean getting worse. It can be the start of a new life, when we choose to make the best of our embodied wisdom. This means finding the wisdom in our bodies, not complaining about them!

Our bodies adapt to our habitsyay-9345062

When we adapt to machines or environments, we develop habits that distort our bodies. Whether it is driving a car long distances, hunched over a computer, or typing endlessly, we might override pain or discomfort signals our bodies are sending. We forget that we can regain voluntary control over muscles that we have ignored. But we can wake up out of postural distortions and pain.

woman Ortho-Bionomy older senior standing posture dignity green lady dignifiedWe can make new habits

Emotionally, when we stuff our feelings in order to keep up appearances, our feelings accumulate and take a toll on our bodies and minds. No wonder our bodies feel locked up or rigid! If we continue to carry over from childhood the shoulds/oughts, the blame/shame games or various ways of belittling ourselves, we make ourselves small, we literally shrink. Or if we pushed ourselves to overachieve, puffed up to some image of perfection a parent demanded of us, or strained to win approval, our senior years may look like bloat, overload. (Stanley Keleman’s Emotional Anatomy). Senior Sovereignty™ is about reclaiming our capacity to unstuff, unbloat, assert our choice to live and create a life of purpose.

Get unstuck, find strength within

We are a digestive system. When we have life experiences we can’t digest, we feel stuck. Processing and clearing away those stuck places can add years to life.

Some people go to massage therapists or doctors looking for healing. Then they become dependent, looking outside themselves for the healing that can only truly be found within them. I once saw this placard in a nursing home: “What I do for you makes me stronger. What you do for yourself makes you stronger. Which do you choose?”

The choice to heal from within is always available to us, and makes us stronger.

9036441_s Senior sovereigntySenior Sovereignty™ reclaims embodied wisdom

A Senior Sovereignty™ mini-workshop gives you choice. You develop variability in movement that you didn’t know you had. You will learn:

  1. The patterns of emotional distortion: recognize and shift out of them.
  2. How your body is designed to move around joints.
  3. Body Mapping, especially your head, neck, shoulders, hips, feet and breath.
  4. How to release out of pain and stiffness.
  5. How to find balance in your bones, and light in your stride.

I offer this as individual sessions, or as a class. In both, you remove self-imposed limitations through improved awareness. You access your innate structure, your embodied wisdom, while you free yourself to move more easily.

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