Services offered at Integration Massage

Where Should I Start?

Treatments at Integration Massage are based on what you need. Here are some guidelines:

    • Release chronic pain, speed healing after an injury, (whether it is feet, ankles, knees, lower/upper back, ribs, athletic injuries), have work-related pain in shoulders back, hands or wrists–Best choice is Ortho-Bionomy® session, perhaps with joint mobilization, integrated with mind-body. Very relaxing. Body Mapping and Proprioceptive exercises will give you what you need on your own to improve pain-free movement, and maintain balanced posture.
    • Head injury, accidents, “brain fog”, severe pain, numbness, tingling, or neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s-Functional Neurological Assessment. It will help pinpoint which approaches can best restore balance, relieve pain, decrease stress and anxiety, improve coping skills and functioning. I listen to you, take a client-centered approach, and I follow where you indicate you want improvement.
    • Emotional or physical stress, trauma, pain: Ortho-Bionomy®  for inner knowing, to release pain and tension. Emotional Tone Scale, Body Metaphors or Body Mapping to wake up self-awareness.
  • If your long-term massage therapist just moved out of the area, and you want Deep Tissue Massage to pound the tension out of your tissues, or you want to be pampered with a spa-type massage, I will refer you to someone else. I don’t do very much of those kinds of massages, and you would probably be happier with a colleague who does those all the time. However, if you want relief of pain and tension, are willing to try something new, read on.

“For Rosi to be classified as just a massage therapist really doesn’t do her justice. She possesses such a cornucopia of skills and knowledge that she is truly a gift.” — Marsha, Portland, Oregon

Prices and Fees

Regular prices when paid at time of service.

30 minutes $45.00
60 minutes $80.00
90 minutes $110.00
120 minutes (2 hours) $140.00

Special prices may include package prices, research studies, senior discounts or coupon specials. If you want to be informed of special offers, sign up to receive blog updates, or contact me via the contact form on this website. A full menu of services, with prices, can be found at the purple Appointments button in the upper right corner of this page.