Elders Massage

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Elders Massage

Research clearly demonstrates the benefits of massage for seniors, or elders massage. Massage can improve circulation and the length and quality of sleep, enhance mood, improve posture and restore vitality to to the life of an elder. It can calm anxiety, reduce blood pressure, decrease pain and reduce the need for pain medications. It can relieve muscle tension and stiffness, so that a person feels more motivated to exercise. It can help with specific conditions: insomnia; headache, back ache; arthritis; healing from surgery; scar tissue release. It is a sensible choice to improve circulation for diabetic feet; speed healing from minor injuries, enhance immunity, improve digestion, reduce swelling.

Massage and movement improve joint range of motion, and exercise and stretch muscles. This helps people maintain flexibility and release spasms and cramping, while increasing independence in daily activities. Some massage techniques are designed to improve proprioception, or the sensation of movement. This improves balance and coordination and can help prevent falls.

Massage can be done seated or lying down, or fully clothed, without the need for oils. At Integration Massage, the elder’s choice about where to massage and the kinds of treatments and depth of pressure is always honored.

The Multnomah Village office building, right on Multnomah Blvd., has a parking lot with designated handicapped space, and elevator access that opens to our office door.

Rosi is thoroughly trained in elders massage and is cautious about fragile skin, fatigue, neurological conditions, and contraindicating medical issues and will work with your health care provider if there are any concerns. Ask her about a reduced rate for seniors.