Mind-Body-Emotional Balance

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Mind-Body-Emotional Balance

Mind-body and emotional balance may seem like a distant dream to some people. However, it might be closer than you think. Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction has been well researched and used effectively by over 20,000 patients at a clinic of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. It relieves tension, stress, anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk.

At Integration Massage, I encourage body awareness and being present with the feelings that are held by your body, as well as a meditative focus that is grounded, calming and centering.  Mind-body work can involve several techniques. Some are to wake up sensation and improve easy movement. Others are integrative, to connect memory and emotions with your body. Still others are to achieve self-confidence in your body and posture. What I offer:

Any of these may be useful for new habits of self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance. You may release years of pain, anxiety and stress. And you may find better access to emotional balance, your inner resourcefulness and coping skills, and cognitive improvements.body mind spirit emotional balance

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