NeuroLymphatic Reflexes

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NeuroLymphatic Reflexes

Chapman’s Neurolymphatic Reflexes were identified by an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Frank Chapman, in the 1920s. He found they could stimulate nerve and lymph flow to individual organs and glands. Light pressure is applied on reflex points in the abdomen, along the sternum, ribs, back of neck, pelvic crest, and outsides of the upper legs (near the IT bands) to support the body’s coming into balance, and improve its function and self-regulating abilities. Chapman’s Neurolymphatic Reflex points address different systems in the body by grouping specific points together. The hands-on contact gently stimulates and releases the points and corresponding organs and glands for the following systems:

  • endocrine and reproductive
  • gastrointestinal
  • immune (auto-immune conditions, allergies, lymphatic congestion)
  • metabolic (such as thyroid, pancreas, temperature regulation)
  • interconnections between structure and reflexes

A NeuroLymphatic Reflexes session is done fully clothed, after the basic Ortho-Bionomy® release techniques for the pelvis and psoas.

These points are sometimes called Visceral-Somatic points in osteopathic neurology.

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