Elders Massage

Elders Massage

Research clearly demonstrates the benefits of massage for seniors, or elders massage. Massage can improve circulation and the length and quality of sleep, enhance mood, improve posture and restore vitality to to the life of an elder. It can calm anxiety, reduce blood pressure, decrease pain and reduce the need for pain medications. It can relieve muscle tension and stiffness, so that a person feels more motivated to exercise.… Read the rest

Ease Your Posture, Reclaim Your Body

yay-5623506yay-12853660Dis-ease of posture can come from long hours at the computer or desk, standing on cement floors, heavy lifting, bracing to protect old injuries or unconscious habits. They can come when you override signals from your body to change position, relieve pain, or find ease. They can come from old beliefs about yourself, and reactions from childhood.

Ease out of painfind ease of shoulder pain

canstockphoto6592338We have body metaphors that we manifest quite literally: chip on the shoulder; pain in the neck; stabbed in the back; don’t have a leg to stand on; bending backwards to please.… Read the rest