Benefits of Elder Massage

9318214_sElder Massage–benefits where you live

If you are retired, you don’t need to feel tired–you may just need some elder massage! You may have assumed that pain, loss of mobility or various chronic ailments are natural. They are not. They are often the result of putting everything and everyone else first, and not attending to your body’s needs.

It is not selfish, but healthy to retrain habits, to sit, stand, and walk more easily.… Read the rest

Elders Massage

Elders Massage

Research clearly demonstrates the benefits of massage for seniors, or elders massage. Massage can improve circulation and the length and quality of sleep, enhance mood, improve posture and restore vitality to to the life of an elder. It can calm anxiety, reduce blood pressure, decrease pain and reduce the need for pain medications. It can relieve muscle tension and stiffness, so that a person feels more motivated to exercise.… Read the rest