Poster Story of Ankle Case Report

Mystery knee pain and ankle wobble

This poster came about because a client hadn’t been able to do her favorite sports for years. She first wanted me to solve a problem with her knee pain. I did that. Then she mentioned a perception of instability, that made skiing, snowboarding, and inline skating feel unsafe. However, it turned out that her ankle, not her knee, was the culprit.… Read the rest

Benefits of Massage– can it help me?

It’s for anyone!

You don’t have to be special to reap the benefits of massage. You can be old, young, out of shape, in shape, in pain, working too hard, stressed about your job, or just needing to relax. It is becoming popular for sports, pre-natal, overall well-being, and as a great addition to self-care.

The health benefits of massage cannot be emphasized enough.… Read the rest


Welcome to Integration Massage

with Rosi Goldsmith, BA, LMT, DAFNS

OR Lic. #16585

Rosi from Integration Massage relieves neck pain with Ortho-Bionomy®Update, 3/17/2020

Currently seeing patients only by remote healing telehealth sessions

My office will be closed for face-to-face appointments until further notice. I offer secure video or phone telehealth sessions, payment optional, during this time of our community healing response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Pain and Stress Relief, Deep Healing

Are you looking for relief from stress, pain or trauma?… Read the rest