“A great experience! Rosi is passionate about what she does. Magic.”
–New customer 3/21/2016

Amazing work

Thank you again for amazing work with me last night. I wanted to share some experiences I had during the session…You guided me into feeling everything that was happening in me at that moment and I was able to comprehend the feeling of living fully. The fullness and peace was so delicious and safe. I can’t honor you and your gift enough for introducing myself to the depth and joy of life.

Physically, the pain and tension in my neck and shoulders diminished by at least 80%.
My deep respect to you,
–New customer 3/9/16

Body work and emotions

I agree – asking my body is the best thing to do. ..sometimes it is difficult to allow myself to access emotional blockages. My experience with my emotional healing work in the past is that once I give myself permission and make it safe to feel some buried emotion, it finds its way to my conscious mind slowly until it suddenly “pops” to the surface.

Thank you for everything! Looking forward to seeing you again next week. I am so very grateful to have found you.
–New customer 3/1/16

Chronic Ankle Instability

(This customer came in, complaining of knee pain. Rosi worked on her knee issues, but she still had a perception of instability and could not return to her favorite sports. Rosi discovered research on chronic ankle instability. She shifted focus and made this customer very happy.)

“I am excited about getting my body back”, “I just thought it was my knee”, “Now I’m noticing the healing.” “Now I can run for a Tri Met bus in dress shoes and not worry about hurting after.”
–regular customer, Portland, Oregon

Rosi listens to your words and your body…

Rosi has a great gift. She is very intuitive and pretty much completely resolved in 1 visit, an excruciating pain problem I had been having in my right leg for over a year. She listens to your words and your body and is very kind and compassionate.

  • -Sistar J. Love, Vancouver, WA 8/29/15

Congratulations. You did such good work on me. I am much relieved. Thank you so much

  • -Gale Arnold, Oregon

Rotator Cuff Issue

I went to see Rosi for a rotator cuff issue…and was delighted to find that the pain/stiffness disappeared after ONE session with her.  She is very intentional in her healing process and I appreciate her diverse range of massage options to use when working with clients.

  • –Esther Wright, Retired Educator

About Rosi’s Presentation: Awaken the Body Sense

Thank you for your presentation at the Integrative Healer’s Consortium!

I am still experimenting with feeling my skull supported on my neck, and trying to feel other joints as well. That’s a great technique! I’d love to learn more about that and the rest of your work.

  • –Sonia Connolly, LMT, Portland, OR

I can’t recommend Rosi highly enough…

Rosi has worked with me on several occasions and I was very impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and sweet and gentle demeanor.

After the sessions, I had very quick results. The combination of gentle “reworking” of low-functioning aspects of my body posture along with helping me with the psycho-somatic areas that were “stuck,” in a sense “freed” me and, importantly, my body to be at its optimum functioning.

Rosi expressed a gentle caring throughout our sessions. What a gem! I can’t recommend Rosi highly enough.

  • –Mark Nedleman, Professional Organizer, Portland, OR

My Experience with Rosi

In Integration Bodywork, Rosi uses Verbal Point Holding to keep clients focused on the bodily experience of their emotions, viewing themselves, their feelings, and their beliefs with compassion, love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

  • –Denise Subramaniam, Beaverton, OR


Just wanted to thank you again for the work you helped me do today. It was truly transformative. I am someone who is very self aware, and you’ve helped me to reach places that I never knew about. It was just an hour and a half yet I feel transformed, and I can’t wait until next time!

  • –Elizabeth Fox, Permaculturist, Beaverton, Oregon

Always a Joy

It is always a joy to work with Rosie. Her gentle and loving spirit, her continued quest for knowledge, and her healing hands and energy make for time well spent.

  • –Harriet Cooke, M.D., Portland, OR

I would recommend

Rosi is fabulous. Personable, and helpful. I would totally recommend her for a therapist.

  • –Colleen Duncan, LMT, Portland, OR

It may be awhile…

Dear Rosi,

It may be awhile before I can schedule another appointment, but I have already referred two of my colleagues to you!  I am still amazed how much better my shoulder feels!  It still needs some work – but it is much better!

Thank you!

  • –Cindy, Portland, OR

Tight Shoulders

“It was not was I was expecting in the least, but being open to the experience, I learned it was exactly what I needed. Rosi identified what the causing the tightness in my shoulder and was able to release all the tension I had been holding there for the last two years. I had forgotten what it felt like to have fully relaxed shoulders. This is one of the best discoveries I have ever made and I highly recommend it!”

Anonymous Comments

One of Rosi’s specialties is Ortho-Bionomy. It is a therapy that is deep and powerful, yet completely gentle. I was amazed at the amount of release my body achieved with this technique. Long held patterns of tension simply dissolved under her skilled hands. I have experienced a lot of massage therapists over the years and Rosi has gained a spot right at the top! I recommend checking out her website (https://integrationmassage.com/) and then experiencing her healing hands for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.”

  • –Portland, OR
It was a very pleasant experience. I didn’t go with any particular pain or problem in mind. Rosie helped me with some problems that I hadn’t even realized I had. I left feeling great!
  • –Portland, OR 11/29/13

Rosi is so nice and has a healing touch. I noticed that my hips were not as tight, even after 1 treatment. I’m definitely going back!

  • –Portland, OR

I didn’t realize there was so much tension in my neck, or that I couldn’t move my head around freely. In your profession, there’s subtleties in bodies that you notice, that we don’t pay attention to.

  • –Vancouver, WA
Friendly, caring, knowledgeable practitioner, gifted at what she does. I was intuitively guided to buy this groupon not knowing totally what she did. She was able to help loosen up my stuck knees, improve my breathing and help better a problem with my hand!! I am going to have another session!
  • –Portland, OR 12/8 2013
What a remarkable experience! The depth of Rosi’s knowledge and her technique left me with significant improvement in my body. Lovely space too. I’m looking forward to continuing treatment with this skilled healer and beautiful woman.
  • Portland, OR 12/2/2013
This is a gentle way to relieve tight, sore muscles.
  • –Portland, OR 3/7/2014