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Rosi working on neckFind the health and ease of movement that comes from pain relief, improved posture, release of muscle tightness, and mindful self-awareness.

You will learn to transform the way you relate to your body, and what you believe to be possible for yourself, whether it is to bust the myths of aging, create a new record in athletic performance, or discover better sleep, postural ease, emotional well-being and stress relief.

I’m Rosi Goldsmith, owner of Integration Massage. I support you to reach your health, wellness and well-being goals by activation of the body’s innate healing response, with

  • • Ortho-Bionomy®
  • • restorative movement exercises
  • • mind-body techniques
  • • self-care tips to take home

DSC02273Individualized Sessions with Integration Massage

I utilize the gentle myofascial release, reflex points and mindful presence of Ortho-Bionomy® and Chapman’s Neurolymphatic Reflexes, along with posture education and neurological massage. All sessions are individualized to your needs and goals. Whether it is from sports, “computer shoulders”, “texting thumbs”, accident, work stress or head injury, the focus is to meet you where you are at, and empower you to heal the cause and create wellness.

Functional Neurology, Research Geek


I took advanced coursework in 2012 and received a diplomate in Functional Neurology for Bodyworkers. I got bit by the research bug in 2011, and am conducting studies on body-mind and body-based therapies for Parkinson’s, ligament injuries, and severe chronic pain. I have won three massage research awards: the 2013 AMTA-OR research grant for Parkinson’s; 2013 Massage Therapy Foundation Practitioner Case Report Contest Honorable Mention, Exploration of Massage, Bodywork and Mind-Body Interventions for Parkinson’s Disease (2/3 down the page); my 2014 MTF case report also won Honorable Mention for Contralateral Treatment of Severe Chronic Shoulder Pain.

Personal Experiencefinding balance1

At the same time, I access a lifetime of personal recovery from trauma, brain injury (ABI), and neurological and physical challenges. I know the power of energetic healing. I encourage clients to develop self-compassion as I empower people to heal from within, to integrate body, mind and spirit.


Integration Massage offers medical massage when you have a prescription from your doctor. Depending on your coverage, I can bill insurance directly, and provide receipts for health care flex accounts.


On these pages you will find both evidence-based therapeutic treatments as well as therapies that have not been as thoroughly researched. Some questions you may have:

What research or science supports any of this?


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