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Find ease, relief of pain and stress relief at Integration Massage. Both emotional tensions and muscle tightness respond to the relaxing treatments you will find here. The treatments combine the soothing pain relief of massage and reflexology with the gentle, deep release techniques of Ortho-Bionomy®, without the pain you might associate with deep tissue work. It meets you where you are at, so you can bring your mind, body and emotions back into balance. You will learn self-care tips to continue creating ease and comfort when you go home.

Whether you have pain from sports, recent or chronic injuries, a desk job or other work-related activities that affect your posture, these techniques are individualized and adapted to your needs. You learn what causes your pain and how to prevent it. Your body may have developed reflexive guarding and compensation patterns after an injury to “splint” the injured tissue, and it sometimes forgets to let go after the injury heals. These techniques remind your body it is safe to let go.

I provide medical massage when you have a prescription from your doctor. I am a preferred provider on some insurance plans, and work with people who have experienced motor vehicle accidents, (MVA’s), and work-related accidents. I can provide a receipt if you choose to get reimbursed by your insurance or health care Flexible Spending Account. Some flex account cards will cover massage directly. Your doctor’s prescription for all of these must provide the diagnostic code and treatment plan.

On these pages you will find both evidence-based therapeutic treatments as well as therapies that have not been as thoroughly researched. I am engaged in research to test the effectiveness of emerging trends. Some questions you may have:

What research or science supports any of this?



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